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GCF Learn Free - Learn how to use computer software, social media, and much more.

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Find our hidden Geocache box and
take & give something in return.  
The coordinates are 
Latitude: 41.484368

Longitude: -87.725464

Hint to Finding the Box: 
You'll have to find a Reference to find a
definition of a word and it's combination
is found on the label.


Learn introduction and some intermediate skills in this hands-on class.
Registration is limited to 6.

Microsoft Word
Thursday, September 22nd
1:00 PM

Microsoft Excel
Thursday, October 20th
1:00 PM

Microsoft PowerPoint
Thursday, November 17th
1:00 PM

Social Media Classes

Thursday, December 8th
2:00-3:00 PM

Learn about LinkedIn, start a profile, and learn
how to use the program efficiently.  Limit 6


Small Business Entrepreneurship & Social Media Marketing

Melanin Business will present a series of programs for small businesses and
how to get the word out about your business via social media. Limit 30.

September 12th: Have an Idea? How to Start! 

September 27th: Social Media Marketing 

October 10th: YouTube 

November 21st: Analytics


September 7th | October 5th | November 2nd | December 7th
6:00-7:30 PM

This monthly workshop teaches the fundamentals of visual design to adults who are interested in
learning, introducing disciplines that are commonly used in designs, and collaboratively working
on projects. We’ll explore the common practices which includes color theory, typography, layout and
aesthetic manipulation. The participates will also learn how to articulate design by sharing inspirations and
critiquing design as a group. The workshop will discuss disciplines and jobs that are available within the market.
Then finally, as a joint effort on a project, we will collaboratively put together a design that
(if approved) can be displayed in the library.  Limit 10


Topics Include:
Mouse Skills; Keyboard Skills; Basic Computer Terminology; Using Windows; Internet Skills; and Email Skills.
2nd Thursday of the Month: 6:00 PM

September 8th | October 13th | November 10th | December 8th


Links for Mouse Skills Class:

Mouse Program

Mouse Exercises


Links for Keyboard Skills Class:

GFC Learn Free: Keyboarding

Power Typing


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