Collection Development Policy

A. Purpose


The purpose of this policy is to clearly outline to both the staff and patrons of the Richton Park Public Library the principles and guidelines for the development and maintenance of the Library's resources. The policy will be used to build and maintain a collection that not only supports the designated mission of the Library, but will also allow the staff to respond to the changing needs of the Richton Park community. The same policy will govern selection and maintenance for both the adult and the children's collections.The types of resources that the Library may include in the collection, but not be limited to are, print and non-print, audio-visual and electronic materials such as CD-ROM products, databases and Internet links.


Finally, this policy is a tool for communicating to the public the criteria that is used by the Richton Park Library for the selection and maintenance of the Library's materials.




B. Selection Responsibility


The Board of the Richton Park Library has granted the ultimate authority and responsibility for the selection and maintenance of the Library's resources to the Head Librarian. The Head Librarian may then delegate the day-to-day activities to qualified staff in order to select resources that fall within the parameters of this policy.



C. Selection Process


The factors used in the selection process for materials held in the Library's collection include but are not limited to the following: Evaluation of the existing collection Assessment of need through the examination of daily reference sheets Consultation of reputable reviewing sources Tracking and analysis of school assignments Examination of materials through previews or Inter Library Loan Use of advertisements, catalogs or newspapers Patron input Budgetary constraints.



D. Selection Criteria


The Board of Trustees believes that censorship is the responsibility of the individual therefore the Board will not restrict the freedom of patrons to read. The selection of materials will not be made on the basis of any anticipated approval or disapproval by the community. Material will not be marked to show approval or disapproval by the staff or community nor will it be set aside except for the purpose of protecting it from injury or theft. The selection of materials for the Richton Park Library's collection include but are not limited to the following factors: The Library will purchase materials to meet its Goals and Objectives (see section I. B. above) The Library will provide materials for people of all ages to meet the educational, cultural and recreational interests and needs of the Library district. Popularity of author/subject Issues of current interest Authority of author/publisher Suitability/treatment of subject, style or format Supplementary reference value of non-fiction material Reference material will be timely and relevant Relevance to community needs Availability/accessibility of material through the Suburban Library System Space considerations To build on existing strengths of the Library's collection. Literary merit To provide materials on opposing viewpoints so that no one viewpoint is unduly represented. The Library will not maintain a textbook collection The Library will not purchase legal, medical, or technical materials that are not addressed to lay persons.



E. Collection Maintenance


Any item may be withdrawn from the collection because it no longer meets the selection criteria designated by this policy. Both print and non-print materials in the collection will be reviewed and evaluated at regular intervals by the Head Librarian and designated staff of the Richton Park Library. Materials that are withdrawn from the collection can be used for the Library's book sale, offered to other libraries or discarded. Factors that impact the withdrawal of an item from the collection include but are not limited to the following: Insufficient use Obsolete or inaccurate information Irreparable damage Historic value of item for the Library or the community Availability of item through Inter-Library Loan Does the item still meet the selection criteria? Does the Library own multiple copies of the item? Budget allocation Space limitations



F. Gifts


Gifts of materials for the Library's collection are accepted and are greatly appreciated by the staff of the Richton Park Library. All donated items are subject to the same selection criteria as items purchased by the Library, and all unused donated material may be used for the book sale or discarded by the staff. Neither the Head Librarian nor the staff will assign a monetary value to any donated material. However, a patron may request a receipt with the number of items donated to the Library.



G. Patron Suggestions


The Head Librarian and the staff welcome patron input concerning the selection of materials for the Library's collection. If patron would like to recommend a book to the staff for inclusion in the collection then a Library "Purchase Suggestion Form" may be filled out, and the designated staff member will evaluate the suggestion using the criteria designated by this policy.



H. Reconsideration of Materials


The Richton Park Library recognizes that some resources may be considered controversial and respect the diverse opinions of this community. If a resident of the Library District would like to register a formal complaint concerning an item in the collection; then the "Resident Request for Reconsideration of Material" form will be issued to the patron. The Head Librarian will respond and review all reconsideration complaints, and if the resident is not satisfied he/she may appeal to the Board of Trustees, who, in conjunction with the Head Librarian, will review the complaint.

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