Internet Usage Policy

The library has 6 PCs for 30 minute public use and 4 MACs & 16 PCs for 60 minute for public use.  

Library Internet Policy (Updated April 2018)

It is a role of the Library to provide access to information so that those in the community can make informed decisions. Use of electronic information networks (Internet) expands the Library’s collection with information which otherwise may not be available.

The Internet contains a rapidly expanding universe of useful information, but it is an unregulated medium which contains resources that may be offensive. Because the Internet changes as quickly as it expands, the Library cannot control the information contained on it, and takes no responsibility for the quality, accuracy, or suitability of any Internet resource.

It is the responsibility of parents to monitor the library use of their children.

a. Children 10 or under must be accompanied by an adult to use the Internet.

If available, Library staff will help beginning users get started. Library staff cannot teach patrons how to use the computers, programs (may setup an appointment for an 1-on-1 session), fill out applications or type documents.

  1. Patrons may not:
    1. Use the Internet for any purpose resulting in the harassment of others.
    2. Tamper or alter the Library’s hardware or software.
    3. Download programs or store data to anything other than a personal storage device.
    4. Use the Internet in any way that violated Federal, State or Local laws,licensing agreements, or the privacy of others.
    5. Use sounds or visuals in a manner disruptive to normal Library operations.  Headphones or earbuds are required to listen to anything that has sound. Earbuds may be purchased at the Circulation Desk for 50 cents and are yours to keep
  2.  The Library does not:
    1. Offer personal electronic mail (e-mail) accounts.
    2. Assume responsibility for any damage to materials provided by the patron.
  3. The Library may set rules for computer use involving time limits, printing, etc.
    1. Download or store data to anything other than a personal storage device.  Use the Internet in any way that violated Federal, State or Local laws, licensing agreements, or the privacy of others.
  4. Computers Automatically Shutdown, Weeknights: 7:45 PM | Saturday: 1:45 PM

For additonal information on Public computers, click here.

LIBRARY SERVICE UPDATE (11/28/20): Please see our Computers page for current service updates

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